Research in Action

This is an example of our first small scale prototype that to date has grown 2-4 times in diameter, providing the ideal conditions for coral settlement.

Why We Started

Throughout our lifetime, we have slowly seen the demise of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). Through the use of Nurtured.Co technology, we aim to offer a proactive and scalable solution to save and rebuild the GBR. We predict that we can build a large number of artificial reefs stretching along the entire GBR for a fraction of what the government has spent on foundations, grants and other initiatives to save the reef. In addition to this we want to share the majestic nature of the reef to other suitable parts of Queensland, by building artificial reefs right along the coastline.

We want to expand on the artificial reefs within Moreton Bay, build reefs out the front of seaside residences and hotels and reimagine what marine infrastructure projects look like. There are numerous benefits involved in building artificial reefs from an environmental and economic standpoint. The GBR is a natural asset and jobs multiplier in Queensland; we should be protecting it, rebuilding it and insuring it.

We want to give everyone the chance to support proactive research and begin rebuilding the reef. Get involved by sharing Nurtured.Co efforts around and begin your proactive support today.

The Team

Dan Marshall

Co-founder and CEO, Dan Marshall is in charge of company direction and marketing, finding new locations for our reefs and sourcing government contracts. Dan also sources our materials and cutting edge technology to implement into the Nurtured.Co reef.


Curtis Sciacca

Co-founder and Chief Strategist, Curtis Sciacca is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion in aquatic life. Curtis is involved in all aspects of Nurtured.Co's ventures and the implementation of long term strategies for reef restoration.


Dan Leggo

Co-founder and Chief Engineer, Dan Leggo Leads the design process and innovation of our Nurtured.Co reefs and technology. Dan's engineering background, pushes the team forward with new ideas and helps us strive for the best possible reefs.




Advancing Champion Enterprise Network (ACE), is an invitation only to enterprises that have received Queensland Government recognitions that demonstrates the firm’s high growth potential. Over 300 of Queensland’s most successful innovation enterprises. ACE supports and cultivates businesses to scaleup and make a positive impact on the world.

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QSEC, members have an opportunity to help direct the future success of social enterprise in Queensland. QSEC has been highly influential in establishing a national voice for social enterprise: The Alliance for Social Enterprise Australia (ASENA). ASENA is working at developing a national strategy for social enterprise to address some of the barriers for business and create a movement across the country. 

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The University of Queensland's Heron Island Research Station (HIRS) aims to provide fundamental scientific research advancements. HIRS is internationally renowned for coral reef research, having a range of world-class facilities to help us build and monitor the reefs. HIRS is the oldest and largest marine research station on the Great Barrier Reef.

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